One Lost Dog Productions

There was a little boy who just loved dogs. He had lots & lots of dogs. One named Georgie, one named Missy, one named Bluto, even one of those yippy yappy fur balls named Cuddles. You could say he really loved dogs. One day, Bluto, suddenly was nowhere to be found.             He was a lost dog.

The boy went out and put up flyers. He put them on every telephone pole, at the shopping center & at gas stations.
He searched & looked & scoured & hunted everywhere.      This was one lost dog.

Eventually, the little boy pretty much gave up hope.

Much later, he was walking home after school and off
in the distance, could it be?   NO!  YES! Was it. . .
BLUTO?!?! YES!!! IT WAS!!!

He was so excited and just crazy with joy!
He ran down the street screaming and making
all kinds of noise! All of his friends came over
& they had a blast! They played & wrestled and
chased all the dogs until everyone was exhausted.

And then they had ice cream.

A similar story was told by Jesus in Luke 15:7.
It illustrates how I believe God feels about
all of us. . . especially this writer.

My hope is that you can relate.